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Building process

Is it time to give growing offspring somewhere else to live? Is it time for parents to have their own separate place closer to where you live? Has lockdown shown you that you really do need your own office space? Perhaps you are interested in a little extra income or maybe your house is now too big for you, but you don’t want to move?

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Consider the possibilities

A minor dwelling could be the answer. A simple, cost-effective way to add extra living space or value to your home. Often becoming self-funding over a very short time period, they can add immediate value and provide low risk, long term financial gain.

And they don’t require a lengthy subdivision process.

Minor dwellings can be a win-win solution for all sorts financial and living situations, but sadly, while many available minor dwelling plans incorporate living, kitchen, sleeping, and bathroom areas, they and their builders, seem to forget about architectural styling. Minor dwellings do not have to look like the afterthought that many of them do.

Minor dwelling plans with flair

At Darcy Homes we’ve decided to do something about this lack of design flair that minor dwellings plans are known for. We can incorporate the same cladding, roofing, colours and textures in your secondary dwelling as have been used in your main home, or we can create a smaller version of some of our existing home plans. 

Minor dwellings do not need to be an eye sore.

Work with us and we can create an attractive, highly functional, valuable space that doesn’t look like a man cave, or just a small building that is completely out of place on your lawn. 

Our new range of ready-to-build minor dwelling plans are architecturally styled, very well thought out, and suitable for all spaces and stages. Designed for small sections and finished with stand-out exteriors, we know how to make small dwellings more visually appealing.

Expert help for your minor dwelling

It has become much easier to add a second dwelling to your section; no longer is there always the need for subdivision or extra consents. 

Regardless of what they’re used for however, minor dwellings still need to comply with council regulations, building codes and meet safety standards. But don’t worry, we can sort all that. We take care of all council consents, engineers, tradies, paperwork and all utility services, such as power, water, phone, Internet, etc. From start to finish, you will only need to talk with us.

Our experienced Warkworth builders can ensure the building meets all the regulations for minor dwellings required in Rodney.

Building a minor dwelling with us


We can provide a fixed price turn-key contract from the start, so you know what to expect during the entire process.

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Research and consultation

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We meet on site to determine site requirements and establish your needs. We then prepare the fee proposal for design and building consents.

Design and pricing

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We hold a preliminary design meeting and come up with some concept design drawings based on your plans or our ready-to-build house plans.

We create a preliminary cost estimate and identify any resource consent, engineering and consultant costs required before moving on to the final concept design drawings and costings.


Consent management

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We will prepare, submit and manage any building consents through council.



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We begin construction, oversee budgets, contractors and any consultants. If any changes to the plans are required, we will process any variations through council.

Moving in

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Before you move in, we will ensure that all final inspections have been undertaken and then get council sign off, if required. We will then walk you through your lovely new dwelling, showing off the many gorgeous features while also reiterating the details of our 10-year home building warranty.

A minor dwelling can be a smart choice

Our designers have dreamt up some very clever designs that maximise living on smaller footprints: secondary dwellings that make the very best use of the land they occupy.

minor dwellings nz

Minor dwellings or granny flats are a fantastic way to create regular income and to add value to your property. For plans and ideas on how we can help, call 021 368 081.

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