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Henly – 154 m2

Designed as a compact home with a small footprint and narrow in width. The home includes everything one needs in a modern home and can be suited to a large number of sections. The change in exterior shapes allows for two cladding types to be used and look great while doing so. The hallway of this home can also be extended to add another room or brought in to make it a two bedroom home. Your money is well spent on a cost effective, yet architectural home with this new home design. 

Henly Brochure

Dune Brochure – 193 m2

Designed specifically for narrow sections, however wider sections will just enlarge the outdoor living space which is a great bonus. This home has a number of things going for it, such as the grand covered entry, the dual lounges and the high ceilings in both lounges and the dining. Fixed sun shades provide not only practical uses, but an architectural, aesthetic finish to the home. A variation of claddings can be used to give you the desired look or the materials you love.

Eden Brochure

Alba – 165 m2

Designed with a unique side profile with its gull-wing roof-line this home accommodates families with its extensive storage and integrated study. The open living has a high rafter ceiling with two overhead windows as pictured above. Families can enjoy the use of an outdoor fire as well the optional bar window in the kitchen, making entertaining at home fun and exciting for all.

Eden Brochure

Oakley – 198 m2

This home is semi symmetrical in shape, looks great with its length and includes very separate bedrooms. All bathroom plumbing is condensed in one location which keeps the pipework simple. The scullery is cleverly located as you walk in from the garage and through the laundry making grocery shopping a breeze. The living layout is simple yet effective and depending on the day, wind or time, you can pick your outdoor spot of choice which are both sheltered in design. This is a home with lots to offer!

Eden Brochure

Neo – 190 m2

A standout architectural home, especially with its use of cladding. The timber is positioned in the voids just like the flesh of a fruit when cut, while the metal wraps around the exterior like an organic skin. The shape of the home however, is very abstract. The layout is comprised of two wings with bedrooms on each end, this is to give the bedrooms great morning sun coverage. The lounge and living are positioned to make the most of sunlight right throughout the day.

Eden Brochure

Eden – 187 m2

This home, with its modern-gable and timeless weatherboard vibe, will have you enjoying those summer days and evenings in style with a view! The main living in this home is all upstairs, shared with only the master suite and an additional office. This home is best suited for sections with an outlook or northern sun facing the same direction as your driveway. With plenty of balcony space, large doors and high glazing behind the fine louvre detailing, you will be sure to enjoy some amazing summer memories!

Eden Brochure

Bella – 176m2

Designed from a simple rectangle base with a louvre structure upstairs adds a layer architectural sophistication to this home. Inside there are four bedrooms upstairs with living down, an open kitchen/dining and a semi-secluded living, adding a level of privacy. A nice feature of this home is its third bathroom downstairs and the enclosed balcony off the master. If ultra-modern architecture and privacy is your thing, this home is worth trying on your section.

Bella Brochure

Mallory – 182m2

Maximise your narrow property with this modern-gable, five-bedroom home. Designed with multiple layout options in-mind. (eg. The fourth and fifth bedrooms can convert into a second living space). Downstairs the living is designed around full day sun with dual outdoor living spaces and an optional covered outdoor pergola. Build a magazine-worthy architectural home on your property without starting your new-home design from scratch.

Mallory Brochure

Parnell – 187m2

This home combines plaster, brick and painted laminated timber beams to pull off a modern, fun design within a small footprint. Inside, four-bedrooms plus an additional study reside upstairs and make this a desirable option for those working from home. The lounge is offset for a semi-separate layout feel and privacy. A great feature with this home is being able to open up a sliding door from three bedrooms upstairs, bringing more of your chosen outdoor vibe inside!

Parnell Brochure

Peony – 214m2

Two gables, two cladding’s and the entrance way framed perfectly by the home, this is a car stopper! Urban or rural, this build has a timeless vibe! Covered outdoor living comes with additional access straight from the scullery, perfect for serving food and drinks.If you’re looking to have it all, this is great start!

Peony Brochure

Cora – 220m2

A graceful twin-mono roof line with a stone column entrance will have you feeling like you’re home! If you work from home, no worries, a separate office is positioned just off the foyer.Close off or open up both living spaces depending on the occasion.With plenty of space, a scullery, walk-in wardrobe and en suite, this new home doesn’t leave anything off that list!

Cora Brochure

Linnea – 231m2

Want street appeal with a layout to entertain? This is it! Packed with features this home has an optional outside covered living space , a large scullery with access to a second outdoor area and an optional sloping ceiling in the main living.Is your section narrow?Easy, remove the optional outdoor cover! With so many features and options, this home is a dream just waiting for you!

Linnea Brochure

Verbena – 246m2

This home is unique with its private road-facing second lounge.An exterior sliding door comes off the lounge allowing for a more private outdoor space.Inside , this home has two good sized living spaces, a semi-open study just off the kitchen and a separate master.If you like modern styling under a gable roof-line, this is yours!

Verbena Brochure

Millaray – 215m2

If you like simple lines , this home has a single low-slung roof line, square in shape, meaning you have just two gutters! The roof line helps bring the skeleton of this build out to be enjoyed, both in the covered outdoor living and the recessed garage ,which will be your street-front.Another feature is the optional private lounge access off the master, allowing you to watch a movie while the kids are sleeping!

Mallory Brochure

Pheonix – 108m2

This home captures traditional and modern styling through its use of gables, dark colours and simple architectural features. This design includes an optional study, a laundry offset from the garage and minimal hallway! Further features of this small home include; double wardrobes, extra storage, optional pitched ceilings through the living and an optional covered outdoor living. This home should have your list covered!

Pheonix Brochure

Milan – 104m2

Over the beach, across your lawn or out to your trees, this home will absorb all those views from the kitchen, dining and lounge! The layout inside is simple and effective. The entry is private, the bedrooms are positioned for early sun, the living has an inset area for entertainment or a bookshelf, It’s all just waiting for you to build!

Milan Brochure

Haven – 116m2

This home has real street appeal, from its straight lines, the contrasting claddings and an entry that welcomes you in! inside, the main living is open plan with an optional sloping ceiling and fireplace. The bedrooms are in their own wing furthest from the living, perfect for minimal noise when needed. The bedroom wing also acts as a form of shelter for the outdoor living. If you’re looking to go small, but want it all, you’ve just found it here!

Haven Brochure

Emerson – 113m2

Small and simple, yet highly appealing! This modern two bedroom home makes great use of space, architectural styling and usability. Inside, both bedrooms are located in the back for privacy and first-morning sun. The open plan living has an option of a pitched ceiling. The kitchen is also perfectly located and positioned by a window for an optional outdoor bar! This home is truly customisable to you and your budget!

Emerson Brochure


This contemporary home will take full advantage of your narrow lot. The outdoor area sits inside the narrow layout which makes for a great outdoor living size, without using up your precious section space. The study and living are positioned close to the entry allowing for good visitor access, whether it’s business or leisure. One bonus, this home looks absolutely stunning from the street view, another big tick on your list!

Casen Brochure


This beautiful board and batten home has all the traditional exterior detailing to give off that timeless homely feel. Inside, the main living is open plan with a high sloping ceiling and an amazing alfresco flow to an outdoor kitchen bar. The bedroom wing can be closed off from the rest of the house for privacy and the garage can extend to a double if needed. If you want a home with a style that will remain relevant for a long time, this will do it!

Felix Brochure


Two storeys of modern, slick architecture that will make anyone do a double take in the street. This home not only looks great but fits it all inside a small footprint. Enjoy an open plan living with two ceiling heights, dual living spaces, the option to switch the garage to a double and an upstairs private master positioned for a view! If you like small, want a view and appreciate the finer things, this one has your name on it!

Lana Brochure


Stuck on design with your narrow lot? This home may just have you covered! Some nice features include high gable ceilings throughout the living area, bench height sliding windows in the kitchen for a seamless, modern look and a covered outdoor living with optional glazing overhead. The covered outdoor living can also be transformed into a second living space if you so wish. This home and your tough, narrow section may just be a match!

Matai Brochure


A flying mono pitch roofline gives this home super street appeal. Inside, the dining, kitchen and living are all open plan, but separate in part, thanks to a change in ceiling height and smartly positioned walls. The living space enjoys a high sloping ceiling, the kitchen seamlessly joins to an integrated outdoor bar and the dining flows nicely outside with partial overhead cover. The bedroom wing can be shut off from the rest of the house and the garage can be pushed out to a double. You’ll really have it all with this home!

Nova Brochure

All plans and artist impressions are © Copyrighted. When downloading any Darcy Homes content, you are bound by New Zealand's copyright law.
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